Seminars (2016)
25 July 2016
Sustainable Plasmonics and Plasmonics for Sustainability

by Prof. Naomi J. Halas - link
25 July 2016
Quantum Plasmonics and Hot Carrier Induced Processes

by Prof. Peter Nordlander - link
13 April 2016
Optical curl forces and beyond

by Prof. Sir Michael Berry - link
12 April 2016
The maggot in the apple: peaceful coexistence of incompatible theories

by Prof. Sir Michael Berry - link
18 February 2016
All-dielectric resonant nanophotonics and metasurfaces

by Prof. Yuri Kivshar - link
18 February 2016
Photonic contributions to quantum technology

by Prof. Sir Peter Knight FRS - link
Seminars (2015)
3 December 2015
Photorefractive soliton waveguiding

by Prof. Eugenio Fazio - link
2 December 2015
Biomorphism and electromagnetic signaling in biological structures

by Prof. Eugenio Fazio - link
1 December 2015
The perfect lens and manipulating light on the nanoscale

by Prof. Sir John Pendry - link
13 November 2015
Plasmonics with semiconductors: from exotic science to working devices

by Prof. Meir Orenstein - link
13 November 2015
Time scale dependent carrier and gain nonlinearities in quantum dot lasers and amplifiers

by Prof. Gadi Eisenstein - link
12 November 2015
Light, Energy and the Internet

by Prof. David A. B. Miller - link
11 November 2015
Arbitrary self-configuring optics with silicon photonics

by Prof. David A. B. Miller - link
30 October 2015
Fundamental scaling laws & light-matter enhanced nanophotonic devices

by Prof. Volker Sorger - link
30 June 2015
Merging micro- and nano-optics

by Prof. Harald Giessen - link
Seminars (2014)
5 November 2014
Metamaterial analog computing

by Dr. Alexandre Silva - link
5 November 2014
Coherent Control in Metamaterials for Deviceand System Applications

by Dr. Kevin F MacDonald - link
28-29 October 2014
Photonics Lectures by Prof Nader Engheta

by Prof. Nader Engheta - link
26 May 2014
Sharing session with Vg Prof Federico Capasso

by Prof. Federico Capasso - link
15 April 2014
Photo-excitation mechanism and application of the bio-organic interface

by Prof. Guglielmo Lanzani - link
31 March 2014
When disorder is just right: A lecture on complexity-driven photonics

by Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi - link
30 January 2014
Broadly tunable Watt-level femtosecond soliton-seeded optical parametric amplifier in the near- and mid-infrared
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link

Seminars (2013)
20 November 2013
Quantum optics with semiconductors: polariton quantum fluids and single photon sources
by Prof. Alberto Bramati - link
15 November 2013
Controlling leakage currents in molecular electronic devices
by Prof. Christian A. Nijhuis - link
28 October 2013
Plasmonic vibrational spectroscopy
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link
09 September 2013
Ultrafast plasmon dynamics of heavily-doped semiconductor nanocrystals
by Prof. Francesco Scotognella - link
13 and 15 August 2013
3D chiral, nonreciprocal and nonlinear plasmonics - towards complex plasmonic applications
by Prof. Harald Giessen - link
09 July 2013
Nanophotonics technology and applications
by Prof. Shaya Fainman - link
08 July 2013
Publishing physics in Science magazine
by Dr. Ian Osborne - link
05 July 2013
Nonlinear optical phononics: Harnessing sound and light in nonlinear nanoscale circuits
by Prof. Benjamin Eggleton - link
20 Mar 2013
Towards Light Bullets in Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
by Prof. Massimo Giudici - link
01 Feb 2013
Optical Integrated Circuits based on Exciton-Polaritons
by Prof. Alexey Kavokin - link
29 and 31 Jan 2013
Nonlinear Photonic Crystals and their applications for Optical Signal Processing

by Dr. Alfredo De Rossi and Prof. Xavier Checoury - link
15 Jan 2013
Nano-FTIR: Infrared Spectroscopic Chemical Identification of Materials at Nanoscale

by Dr. Andy Huber - link

Seminars (2012)
19 Dec 2012
Towards Integrated Optics at the Nanoscale: Examples of Quantum Nanodevices Seminar

by Prof. Christophe Couteau - link
20 Sep 2012
Fibre Amplifiers, the Fiberglass Web and the Optical Moore’s LawSeminar

by Prof. Emmanuel Desurvire - link