CDPT is committed to conducting research in a safe manner. All staff/students should have attended a laboratory safety training course conducted by the Office of Health and Safety and/or the Division before commencing work in the laboratory. All staff/students are required to consult the laboratory safety manual and report to the CDPT Safety Officer before commencing new work activities.

Safety Officer, Safety Leaders and Reporting PIs
Each laboratory within CDPT will have a Safety Leader and a reporting PI, as requested by SPMS regulations.
  • Safety Leaders will be coordinated by the CDPT Safety Officer.
  • Safety Leaders will ensure that their laboratory and all activities running inside follow NTU health and safety regulations.
  • Safety Leaders will perform regular safety checks in the laboratory and prepare periodic reports for the School.
  • Safety Leaders will make sure that all laboratory users are running their activities implementing all safety measures.
  • Safety leaders will make sure that all laboratory users have filled their risked assessment and have it approved by the reporting PI.
  • Reporting PIs will have to approve the risk assessment of all the researchers working within their CDPT laboratory.
The associations are listed below:
Laboratory Safety Leader Reporting PI
Nanofabrication Laboratory Jinkyu So Hongjin Fan
Nearfield Laboratory Guanghui Yuan Qijie Wang
Ultrafast Laser Laboratory Venkatram Nalla Handong Sun
Quantum Nanophotonics Lab 1 Syed Abdullah Cesare Soci
Quantum Nanophotonics Lab 2 Ruixiang Guo Cesare Soci
Microwave Laboratory Zhengyong Song Baile Zhang
Infrared Nanophotonics Lab Harish Krishnamoorthy Cesare Soci
CDPT Safety Officer Giorgio Adamo Nikolay Zheludev, Zexiang Shen, Cesare Soci

Risk Assessments
  • Every researcher (student or staff) working in CDPT has to fill-up his/her own risk assessment(s). PAP has an online submission system that you can find here:
  • The risk assessment(s) has to include all activities undertaken by the researcher in the CDPT laboratory where the activity takes place.
  • It is researcher’s responsibility to update his/her risk assessment every time he/she starts a new activity and to produce a new one if the activity takes place in a different CDPT laboratory.
  • The researcher will need to indicate the reporting PI responsible for the laboratory as approving person for their risk assessment, following the table above.
  • The researcher will have to print the risk assessment and hand-in to the Safety Leader of the laboratory (see above).
  • Risk assessments will be collected in each laboratory for ease of consultation.

Use of Lasers
  • Every researcher working with lasers in CDPT laboratories need to have a laser license for the use of that laser.
  • Safety Leaders have to ensure that all required laser licenses for their laboratory (possess and users) are present or have been requested.
  • All lasers users will have to go through a short laser training procedure to ensure that they are aware of the basic operation principles of the lasers, the risks involved and the safety measures.
  • Laser users will be required to sign a form at the end of the training stating that they are aware of operation principles, risks and measures to mitigate them.
  • Safety Leaders will collect all the forms for the laser training filled and signed by the users.

Use of Chemicals
  • Chemicals will have to be stored in the proper chemical cabinets in the Nanofabrication Laboratory.
  • Every researcher working with chemicals in CDPT Nanofabrication Laboratory needs to fill appropriate risk assessment and receive proper training before starting any activity involving chemicals.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each chemical shall be printed out when raising the order or when the chemical is delivered and handed over to the Safety Leader.
  • CDPT Nanofabrication Laboratory Safety Leader will make sure that all MSDS are collected in a single location/folder.
  • CDPT Nanofabrication Laboratory Safety Leader will provide indication on if and what training is required.

Infraction of Safety Regulations
  • The Safety Leader will inform the safety officer if a person or an activity is not conforming to safety regulations so that necessary actions to rectify the situation can be taken.
  • Necessary actions will depend upon the gravity of the infraction, the regularity of its occurrence and/or failure in rectification.