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  1. Dirac Phase interferometer in a plasmonic waveguide
    V. Savinov and N. I. Zheludev, 1505.07735 (2015) - pdf
  2. Metamaterial optical diodes for linearly and circularly polarized light
    E. Plum, V. A. Fedotov, and N. I. Zheludev, 1006.0870 (2010) - pdf

Research Papers (2017)

  1. Phase evolution of lithium intercalation dynamics in 2H-MoS2
    J. Xia, J. Wang, D.L. Chao, Z. Chen, Z. Liu, J. X. Yan and Z. X. Shen
    Nanoscale (in press)
  2. “Electron/ion Sponge” like V-based Polyoxometalate: Toward High-performance Cathode for Rechargeable Sodium Ion Batteries
    J. L. Liu, Z. Chen, W. Xuan, S. Chen, B. Zhang, J. Wang, H. Wang, B. Tian, M. Chen, X. Fan, Y. Huang, T. Sum, J. Lin and Z. X. Shen
    ACS Nano (in press)
  3. Recent Progress in Surface Coating of Layered LiNixCoyMnzO2 for Lithium-ion Batteries
    Z. Chen, D.L. Chao, J.Y. Lin and Z. X. Shen
    Materials Research Bulletin (in press)
  4. Achromatic super-oscillatory lenses with sub-wavelength focusing
    G. H. Yuan, E. T. F. Rogers and N. I. Zheludev
    Light: Science and Applications (in press)
  5. Reconfigurable phase-change photomask for grayscale photolithography
    Q. Wang, G. H. Yuan, K. S. Kiang, K. Sun, B. Gholipour, E. T. F. Rogers, K. Huang, S. S. Ang, N. I. Zheludev and J. H. Teng
    Applied Physics Letters (in press)
  6. High-Q Plasmonic Fano Resonance for Multiband Surface-Enhanced Infrared Absorption of Molecular Vibrational Sensing
    G. Dayal, X. Y. Chin, C. Soci and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 5, 1600559 (2017)
  7. Plasmonic absorption properties of bimetallic metamaterials
    E. Atmatzakis, N. Papasimakis and N. I. Zheludev
    Microelectronic Engineering, 172, 30 (2017)
  8. Sharp Toroidal Resonances in Planar Terahertz Metasurfaces
    M. Gupta, V. Savinov, N. Xu, L. Cong, G. Dayal, S. Wang, W. Zhang, N. I. Zheludev and R. Singh
    Advanced Materials, 28, 8206 (2017)
  9. π-Conjugated Discrete Oligomers Containing Planar and Non-Planar Aromatic Motifs
    J. Li, A.Terec, Y. Wang, H. Joshi,  Y. Lu,  H. Sun and M. C. Stuparu
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 139, 3089 (2017)
  10. Coherent selection of invisible high-order electromagnetic excitations
    M. L. Tseng, X. Fang, V. Savinov, P. C. Wu, J. Y. Ou, N. I. Zheludev and D. P. Tsai
    Scientific Reports, 7, 44488 (2017)
  11. All-optical pattern recognition and image processing on a metamaterial beam splitter
    M. Papaioannou, E. Plum and N. I. Zheludev
    ACS Photonics, 4, 217 (2017)
  12. Organometallic perovskite metasurfaces
    B. Gholipour, G. Adamo, D. Cortecchia, H. N. S. Krishnamoorthy, M. D. Birowosuto, N. I. Zheludev and C. Soci
    Advanced Materials, 29, 1604268 (2017)
  13. Visible range plasmonic modes on topological insulator nanostructures
    A.M. Dubrovkin, G. Adamo, J. Yin, L. Wang, C. Soci, Q. J. Wang and N. I. Zheludev
    Advanced Optical Materials, 5, 1600768 (2017)
  14. Responsivity drop due to conductance modulation in GaN metal-semiconductor-metal Schottky based UV photodetectors on Si(111)
    R. Lingaparthi, K. Radhakrishnan, D. Nethaji, M. Agrawal, Z. Wang, A. Bruno, C. Soci, L. Tng and  K.S. Ang
    Semiconductor Science and Technology, 31, 095003 (2017)
  15. Polaron self-localization in white-light emitting hybrid perovskites
    D. Cortecchia, J. Yin, A. Bruno, S.-Z. A. Lo, G.G. Gurzadyan, S. Mhaisalkar, J.L. Bredas and C. Soci
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5, 2771 (2017)
  16. Ambipolar charge distribution in donor–acceptor polymer field-effect transistors
    X.Y. Chin, G. Pace, C. Soci and M. Caironi
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5, 754 (2017)
  17. Room-Temperature Electrically Driven Phase Transition of Two-Dimensional 1T-TaS2 Layers
    S. Zheng, F. Liu, C. Zhu, Z. Liu and H. J. Fan
    Nanoscale, 9, 2436 (2017)
  18. Edge Modes, Degeneracies, and Topological Numbers in Non-Hermitian Systems
    D. Leykam, K.Y. Bliokh, C. Huang, Y.D. Chong and F. Nori
    Physical Review Letters, 118, 040401 (2017)
  19. Coherent emission from integrated Talbot-cavity quantum cascade lasers
    B. Meng, B. Qiang, E. Rodriguez, X. Hu, G. Liang and Q. J. Wang
    Optics Express, 25, 3077 (2017)
  20. Large-Area and High-Quality 2D Transition Metal Telluride
    J. Zhou, F. Liu, J. Lin, X. Huang, J. Xia, B. Zhang, Q. Zeng, H. Wang, C. Zhu, L. Niu, X. Wang, W. Fu, P. Yu, T.R. Chang, C.H. Hsu, D. Wu, H.T. Jeng, Y. Huang, H. Lin, Z. Shen, C. Yang, L. Lu, K. Suenaga, W. Zhou, ST. Pantelides, G. Liu and Z. Liu
    Advanced Materials, 29, 1603471 (2017)
  21. Sensing with toroidal metamaterial
    M. Gupta, Y. K. Srivastava, M. Manjappa and R. Singh
    Applied Physics Letters, 110, 121108 (2017)
  22. Metal-Semiconductor Phase-Transition in WSe2(1-x)Te2x Monolayer
    P. Yu, J. Lin, L. Sun, Q.L. Le, X. Yu, G. Gao, C.H. Hsu, D. Wu, T.R. Chang, Q. Zeng, F. Liu, Q.J. Wang, H.T. Jeng, H. Lin, A. Trampert, Z. Shen, K. Suenaga and Z. Liu
    Advanced Materials, 29, 1603991 (2017)
  23. Active Photoswitching of Sharp Fano Resonances in THz Metadevices
    M. Manjappa, Y.K. Srivastava, L. Cong, I. Al-Naib, R. Singh
    Advanced Materials, 29, 1603355 (2017)
  24. Realizing type-II Weyl points in an optical lattice
    K. Shastri, Z. Yang, B. Zhang
    Physical Review B, 95, 014306 (2017)
  25. Energy transfer and depolarization in the photoluminescence of a plasmonic molecule
    T. Yin, L. Jiang, Z. Dong, J.K. Yang, Z.X. Shen
    Nanoscale, 9, 2082 (2017)
  26. Active Multifunctional Microelectromechanical System Metadevices: Applications in Polarization Control, Wavefront Deflection, and Holograms
    L. Cong, P. Pitchappa, Y. Wu, L. Ke, C. Lee, N. Singh, H. Yang and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 5, 1600716 (2017)
  27. Splashing transients of 2D plasmons launched by swift electrons
    X. Lin, I. Kaminer, X. Shi, F. Gao, Z. Yang, Z. Gao, H. Buljan, J.D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljačić, H. Chen and  B. Zhang
    Science Advances, 3, e1601192 (2017)
  28. A New Class of Lasing Materials: Intrinsic Stimulated Emission from Nonlinear Optical Active Metal–Organic Frameworks
    R Medishetty, V Nalla, L Nemec, S Henke, D Mayer, H Sun, K Reuter and R. A. Fischer 
    Advanced Materials, 29, 1605637 (2017)
  29. Solution-processed low threshold vertical cavity surface emitting lasers from all-inorganic perovskite nanocrystals
    Y Wang, X Li, V Nalla, H Zeng and H Sun 
    Advanced Functional Materials, 27, 1605088 (2017)
  30. Pump Wavelength Dependence of Photodarkening in Yb-doped Fibers
    H Li, L Zhang, R Sidharthan, D Ho, X Wu, V Nalla, H Sun, T Huang and S Yoo 
    Journal of Lightwave Technology, 35, 2535 (2017)

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Research Papers (2016)

  1. Valley polarization in stacked MoS2 by circularly polarized light
    J. Xia; X. Wang, B. K. Tay; S. Chen, Z. Liu, J. Yan and Z. X. Shen
    Nano Research, 10, 1618 (2016)
  2. Independent Tailoring of Super-Radiant and Sub-Radiant Modes in High-Q Plasmonic Fano Resonant Metasurfaces
    G. Dayal, X. Y. Chin, C. Soci and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 4, 1860 (2016)
  3. Photon driven transformation of cesium lead halide perovskites from few-monolayer nanoplatelets to bulk phase
    Y. Wang, X. Li, S. S, F. Cao, Z. Wang, M. C. Stuparu, H. Zeng and H. Sun
    Advanced Materials, 28, 10637 (2016)
  4. Templated assembly of metal nanoparticle films on polymer substrates
    R. F. Waters, A. Ohtsu, M. Naya, P. A. Hobson, K. F. MacDonald and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters, 109, 263105 (2016)
  5. Metadevice for intensity modulation with sub-wavelength spatial resolution
    P. Cencillo-Abad, N. I. Zheludev and E. Plum
    Scientific Reports, 6, 37109 (2016)
  6. All-optical multichannel logic based on coherent perfect absorption in a plasmonic metamaterial
    M. Papaioannou, E. Plum, J. Valente, E. T. F. Rogers and N. I. Zheludev
    APL Photonics, 1, 090801 (2016)
  7. Random access actuation of nanowire grid metamaterial
    P. Cencillo-Abad, J. Y. Ou, E. Plum, J. Valente and N. I. Zheludev
    Nanotechnology, 27, 485206 (2016)
  8. X-ray scintillation in lead halide perovskite crystals
    M.D. Birowosuto, D. Cortecchia, W. Drozdowski, K. Brylew, W. Lachmanski, A. Bruno and C. Soci
    Scientific Reports, 6, 37254 (2016)
  9. Label-Free Vapor Selectivity in Poly(p-Phenylene Oxide) Photonic Crystal Sensors
    P. Lova, C. Bastianini, P. Giusto, M. Patrini, P. Rizzo, G. Guerra, M. Iodice, C. Soci and D. Comoretto
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 31941 (2016)
  10. Hot exciton cooling and multiple exciton generation in PbSe quantum dots
    M. Kumar, S. Vezzoli, Z. Wang, V. Chaudhary, R.V. Ramanujan, G.G. Gurzadyan, A. Bruno and C. Soci
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18, 31107 (2016)
  11. Lithography assisted fiber-drawing nanomanufacturing
    B. Gholipour, P. Bastock, L. Cui, C. Craig, K. Khan, D.W. Hewak and C. Soci
    Scientific Reports, 6, 35409 (2016)
  12. Enhanced Sb2S3 crystallisation by electric field induced silver doping
    W. Dong, M. Krbal, J. Kalikka, X.Y. Chin, B. Gholipour, C. Soci, P. Fons, K.V. Mitrofanov, L. Chen and R.E. Simpson
    Thin Solid Films, 616, 80 (2016)
  13. 2D Black Phosphorus/SrTiO3-Based Programmable Photoconductive Switch
    F. Liu, C. Zhu, L. You, S.J. Liang, S. Zheng, J. Zhou, Q. Fu, Y. He, Q. Zeng, H.J. Fan, L.K. Ang, J. Wang and Z. Liu
    Advanced Materials, 28, 7768 (2016)
  14. Broadband metasurface holograms: toward complete phase and amplitude engineering
    Q. Wang, X. Zhang, Y. Xu, J. Gu, Y. Li, Z. Tian, R. Singh, S. Zhang, J. Han and W. Zhang
    Scientific Reports, 6, 32867 (2016)
  15. Edge Solitons in Nonlinear-Photonic Topological Insulators
    D. Leykam and Y. D. Chong
    Physical Review Letters, 117, 143901 (2016)
  16. Chiral exceptional points in metasurfaces
    M. Kang, J. Chen, Y. D. Chong
    Physical Review A, 94, 033834 (2016)
  17. Holographic free-electron light source
    G. Li, B. P. Clarke, J. So, K. F. MacDonald and N. I. Zheludev
    Nature Communications, 7, 13705 (2016)
  18. Experimental demonstration of broadband reflectionless diffraction-free electromagnetic wave routing
    Y. Zhang, Z. Gao, F. Gao, X. Shi, H. Xu, Y. Luo and B. Zhang
    Physical Review B, 94, 220304 (2016)
  19. Synthetic-gauge-field-induced Dirac semimetal state in an acoustic resonator system
    Z. Yang, F. Gao, X. Shi and B. Zhang
    New Journal of Physics, 18, 125003 (2016)
  20. Invisibility Dips of Near-Field Energy Transport in a Spoof Plasmonic Metadimer
    F. Gao, Z. Gao, Y. Luo, B. Zhang
    Advanced Functional Materials, 26, 8307 (2016)
  21. Toroidal versus Fano Resonances in High Q planar THz Metamaterials
    M. Gupta, R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 4, 2119 (2016)
  22. Acoustic Type-II Weyl Nodes from Stacking Dimerized Chains
    Z. Yang and B. Zhang
    Physical Review Letters, 117, 224301 (2016)
  23. Lattice-induced transparency in planar metamaterials
    M. Manjappa, Y. K. Srivastava and R. Singh
    Physical Review B, 94, 161103 (2016)
  24. Experimental demonstration of a band-notched line-defect waveguide in a surface-wave photonic crystal
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, H. Xu, Y. Zhang and B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters, 109, 131103 (2016)
  25. Resolution criteria in double-slit microscopic imaging experiments
    S. You, C. Kuang and B. Zhang
    Scientific Reports, 6, 33764 (2016)
  26. Diffusive to quasi-ballistic random laser: incoherent and coherent models
    W. Guerin, Y. D. Chong, Q. Baudouin, M. Liertzer, S. Rotter and R. Kaiser
    Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 33, 1888 (2016)
  27. Accessing the high-Q dark plasmonic Fano resonances in superconductor metasurfaces
    Y. K. Srivastava, M. Manjappa, H. N. S. Krishnamoorthy, R. Singh 
    Advanced Optical Materials (2016)
  28. Roadmap on optical metamaterials
    A. M. Urbas, Z. Jacob, L. Dal Negro, N. Engheta, A. D. Boardman, P. Egan, A. B. Khanikaev, V. Menon, M. Ferrera, N. Kinsey, C. DeVault, J. Kim, V. Shalaev, A. Boltasseva, J. Valentine, C. Pfeiffer, A. Grbic, E. Narimanov, L. Zhu, S. Fan, A. Alù, E. Poutrina, N. M. Litchinitser, M. A. Noginov, K. F. MacDonald, E. Plum, X. Liu, P. F. Nealey, C. R. Kagan, C. B. Murray, D. A. Pawlak, I. I. Smolyaninov, V. N. Smolyaninova, and D. Chanda
    Journal of Optics (2016)
  29. Coherent control of light-matter interactions in polarization standing waves 
    X. Fang, K. F. MacDonald, E. Plum, and N. I. Zheludev
    Scientific Report6, 21741 (2016)
  30. All-Optical Implementation of the Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
    W.C. Hu, K. Wu, P.P. Shum, N. I. Zheludev, and C. Soci
    Scientific Report6, 26283 (2016)
  31. Doppler-free approach to optical pumping dynamics in the 6S(1/2)-5D(5/2) electric quadrupole transition of cesium vapor
    E.A. Chan, S.A. Aljunid, N.I. Zheludev, D. Wilkowski, and M. Ducloy
    Optics Letters9, 2005 (2016)
  32. Optimization of TM modes for amorphous slab lasers
    S. Mansha, Y.Q. Zeng, Q.J. Wang, and Y.D. Chong 
    Optics Express , 5, 4890 (2016)
  33. Coherently Tunable Triangular Trefoil Phaseonium Metamaterial
    D. M. Nguyen, C. Soci, and C. H. Raymond Ooi
    Scientific Report, 6, 21083 (2016)
  34. Coherent Excitation-Selective Spectroscopy of Multipole Resonances
    F. Xu, M.L. Tseng, D.P. Tsai, and N.I. Zheludev.
    Physical Review Applied1, 14010 (2016)
  35. Reconfigurable nanomechanical photonic metamaterials 
    N.I. Zheludev, and E. Plum
    Nature Nanotechnology11, 16 (2016)
  36. Anomalous shift behaviors in the photoluminescence of dolmen-like plasmonic 
    T.T. Yin, Z.G. Dong, L.Y. Jiang, L. Zhang, H.L. Hu, C.W. Qiu, J. K. W. Yang, and Z.X. Shen
    ACS Photonics6 ,979 (2016)
  37. Translation and Rotation of Transformation Media under Electromagnetic Pulse
    F. Gao, X. Shi, X. Lin, H. Xu, B. Zhang
    Scientific Report6, 28346 (2016)
  38. Frequency-selective propagation of localized spoof surface plasmons in a graded plasmonic resonator chain
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, K. K. Shastri, B. Zhang
    Scientific Report, 6, 25576 (2016)
  39. Deep-subwavelength magnetic-coupling-dominant interaction among magnetic localized surface plasmons
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang
    Physical Review B, 93, 195410 (2016)
  40. Localized spoof surface plasmons in textured open metal surfaces
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, H. Xu, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang
    Optics Letters41, 2141 (2016)
  41. Probing topological protection using a designer surface plasmon structure
    F. Gao, Z. Gao, X. Shi, Z. Yang, X. Lin, H. Xu, J. D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljai, H. Chen, L. Lu, Y.D. Chong, B. Zhang
    Nature Communications7, 11619 (2016)
  42. High-order localized spoof surface plasmons supported on a complementary metallic spiral structure
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, B. Zhang 
    Scientific Report, 6, 24447 (2016)
  43. Experimental verification of free-space singular boundary conditions in an invisibility cloak 
    Q. Wu, F. Gao, Z. Song, X. Lin, Y. Zhang, H. Chen, and B. Zhang 
    Journal of Optics18, 44008 (2016)
  44. Ultra-Broadband Carpet Cloak for Transverse-Electric Polarization
    Y. Deng, S. Xu, R. Zhang, B. Zheng, H. Chen, F. Gao, F. Yu, B. Zhang, and H. Chen
    Journal of Optics18, 44006 (2016)
  45. Multi-directional plasmonic surface-wave splitters with full bandwidth isolation
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, and B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters108, 111107 (2016)
  46. Loss induced amplification of graphene plasmons
    X. Lin, R. Li, F. Gao, E. Li, X. Zhang, B. Zhang, and H. Chen
    Optics Letters41, 681 (2016)
  47. Optical bistability in a nonlinear-shell-coated metallic nanoparticle 
    H. Chen, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang, and L. Gao 
    Scientific Report6, 21741 (2016)
  48. Guiding, bending, and splitting of coupled defect surface modes in a surface-wave photonic crystal
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, and B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters, 108, 41105 (2016)
  49. Seamless integration of global Dirichlet-to-Neumann boundary condition and spectral elements for transformation electromagnetics
    Z. Yang, L.-L. Wang, Z. Rong, B. Wang, B. Zhang
    Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering301, 137 (2016)
  50. Anomalous Topological Phases and Unpaired Dirac Cones in Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators
    D. Leykam, M. C. Rechtsman, and Y.?D. Chong
    Physical Review Letters, 117, 13902 (2016)
  51. Floquet Weyl phases in a three-dimensional network model
    H. Wang, L. Zhou, and Y. D. Chong 
    Physical Review B, 93, 144114 (2016)
  52. PT symmetry breaking and nonlinear optical isolation in coupled microcavities
    X. Zhou and Y. D. Chong
    Optics Express24, 6916 (2016)
  53. Sharp toroidal resonances in planar terahertz metasurfaces
    M. Gupta, V. Savinov, N. Xu, L. Cong, G. Dayal, S. Wang, W. Zhang, N. I. Zheludev, and R. Singh
    Advanced Materials, doi:10.1002/adma.201601611 (2016)
  54. All-dielectric phase-change reconfigurable metasurface
    A. Karvounis, B. Gholipour, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters, 109, 51103 (2016)
  55. Spatial optical phase-modulating metadevice with subwavelength pixelation
    P. Cencillo-Abad, E. Plum, E. T. F. Rogers, and N. I. Zheludev
    Optics Express24, 18790 (2016)
  56. Toroidal circular dichroism
    T. A. Raybould, V. A. Fedotov, N. Papasimakis, I. Kuprov, I. J. Youngs, W. T. Chen, D. P. Tsai, and N. I. Zheludev 
    Physical Review B94, 35119 (2016)
  57. Nano- and micro-auxetic plasmonic materials
    J. Valente, E. Plum, I. J. Youngs, and N. I. Zheludev
    Advanced Materials28, 5176 (2016)
  58. Atomic response in the near-field of nanostructured plasmonic metamaterial 
    S. A. Aljunid, E. A. Chan, G. Adamo, M. Ducloy, D. Wilkowski, and N. I. Zheludev 
    Nano Letters16, 3137 (2016)
  59. Specular optical activity of achiral metasurfaces 
    E. Plum, V. A. Fedotov, and N. I. Zheludev 
    Applied Physics Letters108, 141905 (2016)
  60. Giant Nonlinearity in a superconducting sub-terahertz metamaterial
    V. Savinov, K. Delfanazari, V. A. Fedotov, and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters108, 101107 (2016)
  61. Toroidal dipole excitations in metamolecules formed by interacting plasmonic nanorods
    D. W. Watson, S. D. Jenkins, J. Ruostekoski, V. A. Fedotov, and N. I. Zheludev
    Physical Review B93, 125420 (2016)
  62. Electromagnetic toroidal excitations in matter and free space 
    N. Papasimakis, V. Fedotov, V. Savinov, T. A. Raybould, and N. I. Zheludev
    Nature Materials15, 263 (2016)
  63. Focused electromagnetic doughnut pulses and their interaction with interfaces and nanostructures
    T. A. Raybould, V. A. Fedotov, N. Papasimakis, I. J. Youngs, and N. I. Zheludev
    Optics Express24, 3150 (2016)
  64. Giant nonlinearity of an optically reconfigurable plasmonic metamaterial
    J. Y. Ou, E. Plum, J. Zhang, and N. I. Zheludev
    Advanced Materials28, 729 (2016)
  65. Optically reconfigurable metasurfaces and photonic devices based on phase change materials
    Q. Wang, E. T. F. Rogers, B. Gholipour, C-M. Wang, G. Yuan, J. Teng, and N. I. Zheludev
    Nature Photonics, 10, 60 (2016)
  66. Two-dimensional control of light with light on metasurfaces
    M. Papaioannou, E. Plum, J. Valente, E. Rogers, and N. I. Zheludev
    Light: Science & Applications5, 16070 (2016)
  67. Reconfigurable Liquid Whispering Gallery Mode Microlasers
    S. Yang, V. D. Ta, Y. Wang, R. Chen, T. He, H. V. Demir, and H.D. Sun
    Scientific Report6, 27200 (2016)
  68. Nonlinear Absorption and Low-Threshold Multiphoton Pumped Stimulated Emission from All-Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals
    Y. Wang, X. Li, X. Zhao, L. Xiao, H. Zeng, H.D. Sun
    Nano Letters16, 448 (2016)
  69. Exciton energy recycling from ZnO defect levels: towards electrically driven hybrid quantum-dot white light-emitting-diodes
    X. Zhao, W. Liu, R. Chen, Y. Gao, B. Zhu, H. V. Demir, S. Wang and H.D. Sun 
    Nanoscale8, 5835 (2016)
  70. A Novel Chiral Metasurface With Controllable Circular Dichroism Induced by Coupling Localized and Propagating Modes
    Z. Wang, Y. Wang, G. Adamo, B. H. Teh, Q. Y. Steve Wu, J. Teng, and H.D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials4, 883 (2016)
  71. All-inorganic colloidal perovskite quantum dots: a new class of lasing materials with favorable characteristics? 
    Y. Wang, X. Li, J. Song, L. Xiao, H. Zeng, H.D. Sun
    Advanced Materials27, 7101 (2016)
  72. Quantum super-oscillation of a single photon
    G. H. Yuan, S. Vezzoli, C. Altuzarra, E. T. F. Rogers, C. Couteau, C Soci, and N. I. Zheludev
    Light: Science & Applications5, e16127 (2016)
  73. On-chip photonic Fourier transform with surface plasmon polaritons
    S. S. Kou, G. H. Yuan, Q. Wang, L. P. Du, E. Balaur, D. H. Zhang, D. Y. Tang, B. Abbey, X.-C. Yuan, and J. Lin
    Light: Science & Applications5, e16034 (2016)
  74. Graphene homojunction: closed-edge bilayer graphene by pseudospin interaction
    J. Yan, C. Li, D. Zhan, L. Liu, D. Shen, J.-L. Kuo, S. Chen, Z. Shen
    Nanoscale8, 9102 (2016)
  75. Origin of Photocarrier Losses in Iron Pyrite (FeS2) Nanocubes
    S. Shukla, G. Xing, H. Ge, R. . Prabhakar , S. Mathew, Z. Su, V. Nalla, T. Venkatesan, N. Mathews, T. Sritharan, T. C. Sum, and Q. Xiong
    ACS Nano 10, 431 (2016)
  76. Unraveling the ultralow threshold stimulated emission from CdZnS/ZnS quantum dot and enabling high-Q microlasers
    Y. Wang, K. E. Fong, S. Yang, V. D. Ta, Y. Gao, Z. Wang, V. Nalla, H. V. Demir, H. Sun
    Laser & Photonics Reviews5, 507 (2016)
  77. Tunable electromagnetically induced transparency in coupled three-dimensional split-ring resonator metamaterials
    S. Han, L. Cong, H. Lin, B. Xiao, H. Yang, R. Singh
    Scientific Report, 6, 20801 (2016)
  78. Observation of Fano resonance and classical analog of electromagnetically induced transparency in toroidal metamaterials
    S. Han, L. Cong, F. Gao, R. Singh, H. Yang
    Annalen der Physik, 528, 352 (2016)
  79. High-Q lattice mode matched structural resonances in terahertz metasurfaces
    N. Xu, R. Singh, W. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters, 109, 21108 (2016)
  80. High-Q Whispering-Gallery-Mode-Based Plasmonic Fano Resonances in Coupled Metallic Metasurfaces at Near Infrared Frequencies
    G. Dayal, X. Y.? Chin, C. Soci, R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, doi:10.1002/adom.201600356 (2016)
  81. Tailoring the Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Absorbance in Coupled Fano–Lorentzian Metasurfaces: A Classical Analog of a Four-Level Tripod Quantum System
    N. Xu, M. Manjappa, R. Singh, W. Zhang
    Advanced Optical Materials, doi:10.1002/adom.201600129 (2016)
  82. Near-field Inductive Coupling Induced Polarization Control in Metasurfaces
    L. Cong, Y. K. Srivastava, R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, (2016) doi: 10.1002/adom.201500681
  83. Inter and intra-metamolecular interaction enabled broadband high-efficiency polarization control in metasurfaces
    L. Cong, Y. K. Srivastava, R. Singh
    Applied Physics Letters, 108, 11110 (2016)
  84. Ultrahigh-Q Fano Resonances in Terahertz Metasurfaces: Strong Influence of Metallic Conductivity at Extremely Low Asymmetry
    Y. K. Srivastava, M. Manjappa, L. Cong, W. Cao, I. Al-Naib, W. Zhang, R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 4, 457 (2016)
  85. Nonradiative and Radiative Resonances in Coupled Metamolecules
    L. Cong, N. Xu, D. R. Chowdhury, M. Manjappa, C. Rockstuhl, W. Zhang, R.Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, 4, 252 (2016)
  86. Polaron self-localization in White-light emitting hybrid perovskites
    D. Cortecchia, J. Yin, P. Lova, S. Mhaisalkar, G.G. Gurzadyan, A. Bruno, C. Soci
    arXiv:1603.01284, (2016)
  87. A simple velocity-tunable pulsed atomic source of slow metastable argon
    T. Taillandier-Loize, A. A. Aljunid, F. Correia, N. Fabre, F. Perales, J. M. Tualle, J. Baudon, M. Ducloy, G. Dutier
    Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics49, 135503 (2016) doi: 10.1088/0022-3727/49/13/135503
  88. Highly Sensitive Detection of Polarized Light Using Anisotropic 2D ReS2
    F. Liu, S. Zheng, X. He, A. Chaturvedi, J. He, W. L. Chow, T. R. Mion, X. Wang, J. Zhou, Q. Fu, H. J. Fan, B. K. Tay, L. Song, R.-H. He, C. Kloc, P. M. Ajayan, Z. Liu
    Advanced Functional Materials26, 1169 (2016) doi: 10.1002/adfm.201504546
  89. Focused electromagnetic doughnut pulses and their interaction with interfaces and Nanostructures
    T. Raybould, V. A. Fedotov, N. Papasimakis, I. Youngs, N. I. Zheludev
    Optics Express24, 3150 (2016) doi: 10.1364/OE.24.003150
  90. Adiabatic passage mediated by plasmons: A route towards a decoherence-free quantum plasmonic platform
    B. Rousseaux, D. Dzsotjan, G. Colas des Francs, H. R. Jauslin, C. Couteau, S. Guerin
    Physical Review B93, 45422 (2016) doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.93.045422
  91. Optoelectronic properties of atomically thin ReSSe with weak interlayer coupling
    F. Liu, S. Zheng, X. He, A. Chaturvedi, V. Zolyomi, J. Zhou, Q. Fu, C. Zhu, P. Yu, Q. Zeng, N. D. Drummond, H. J. Fan, C. Kloc, V. I. Fal'ko, X. He, Z. Liu
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  93. Ultra-sensitive and dual-polarization refractive-index biosensors based on annular photonic crystals
    L. Jiang, X. Li
    Optik127, 916 (2016) doi: 10.1016/j.ijleo.2015.10.199
  94. Ultrastrong light-matter coupling of cyclotron transition in monolayer MoS2
    B. Li, T. Liu, D. W. Hewak, Z. X. Shen, and Q. J. Wang
    Physical Review B93, 45420 (2016) doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.93.045420

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Research Papers (2015)

  1. Stacking-Dependent Interlayer Coupling in Trilayer MoS2 with Broken Inversion Symmetry 
    J. Yan, J. Xia, X. Wang, L. Liu, J.-L. Kuo, B.K. Tay, S. Chen, W. Zhou, Z. Liu, Z.X. Shen
    Nano Letters, 15, 8155 (2015)
  2. Probing Vertical and Horizontal Plasmonic Resonant States in the Photoluminescence of Gold Nanodisks 
    L. Jiang, T. Yin, Z. Dong, H. Hu, M. Liao, D. Allioux, S.J. Tan, X.M. Goh, X. Li, J.K.W. Yang, Z. Shen
    ACS Photonics2, 1217 (2015)
  3. Multicolor Lasing Prints 
    V. D. Ta, S. Yang, Y. Wang, Y. Gao, T. C. He, R. Chen, H. V. Demir, and H. D. Sun
    Applied Physics Letters107, 221103 (2015)
  4. Nano-optomechanical nonlinear dielectric metamaterialses
    A. Karvounis, J. Y. Ou, W. Wu, K. F. MacDonald, N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters107, 191110 (2015)
  5. A Flat lens with tunable phase gradient by using random access reconfigurable metamaterial 
    W. M. Zhu, Q. H. Song, L. B. Yan, W. Zhang, P. C. Wu, L. K. Chin, H. Cai, D. P. Tsai, Z. X. Shen, T. W. Deng, S. K. Ting, Y. D. Gu, G. Q. Lo, D. L. Kwong, Z. C. Yang, R. Huang, A. Q. Liu, and N. I. Zheludev
    Advanced Materials, 27, 4739 (2015)
  6. Optically switchable photonic metasurfaces
    R. F. Waters, P. A. Hobson, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 81102 (2015)
  7. Amplification of the Evanescent Field of Free Electrons
    J. K. So, F. J. Garcia de Abajo, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    ACS Photonics, 2, 1236 (2015)
  8. Plasmon coupling in vertical split-ring resonator metamolecules
    P. C. Wu, W.-L. Hsu, W. T. Chen, Y.-W. Huang, C. Y. Liao, A. Q. Liu, N. I. Zheludev, G. Sun and D. P. Tsai
    Scientific Report, 5, 9726 (2015)
  9. Tachyonic dispersion in coherent networks
    Y. D. Chong and M. C. Rechtsman
    Journal of Optics, 18, 14001 (2015)
  10. Complementary structure for designer localized surface plasmons
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, Y. Zhang, B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 191103 (2015)
  11. Active Thermal Cloak
    D. M. Nguyen, H. Xu, Y. Zhang, and B. Zhang 
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 121901 (2015)
  12. Accurate modeling of dark-field scattering spectra of plasmonic nanostructures
    L.Y. Jiang, T.T. Yin, Z.G. Dong, M.Y. Liao, S.J. Tan, X.M. Goh, D. Allioux, H.L. Hu, X.Y. Li, J. K. W. Yang, and Z.X. Shen
    ACS Nano , 9, 10039 (2015)
  13. Collective coherence in nearest neighbor coupled metamaterials: A metasurface ruler equation
    N. Xu, R. Singh, W. Zhang
    Journal of Applied Physics118, 163102 (2015)
  14. Anomalous Surface Wave Launching by Handedness Phase Control
    X. Zhang, Y. Xu, W. Yue, Z. Tian, J. Gu, Y. Li, R. Singh, S. Zhang, J. Han, W. Zhang
    Advanced Materials27, 7123, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adma.201502008
  15. A Tunable Dispersion-Free Terahertz Metadevice with Pancharatnam-Berry-Phase-Enabled Modulation and Polarization Control
    L. Cong, N. Xu, J. Han, W. Zhang, R. Singh
    Advanced Materials27, 6630, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adma.201502716
  16. Terahertz metasurfaces with a high refractive index enhanced by the strong nearest neighbor coupling
    S. Tan, F. Yan, L. Singh, W. Cao, N. Xu, X. Hu, R. Singh, M. Wang, W. Zhang
    Optics Express23, 29222, (2015) doi: 10.1364/OE.23.029222
  17. Coherent Optical control of polarization with a critical metasurface
    M. Kang, Y. D. Chong
    Physical Review A92, 43826, (2015) doi: 10.1103/PhysRevA.92.043826
  18. Controlled Synthesis of High-Quality Mono layered alpha-In2Se3 via Physical Vapor Deposition
    J. Zhou, Q. Zeng, D. Lv, L. Sun, L. Niu, W. Fu, F. Liu, Z. X. Shen, C. Jin, Z. Liu
    Nano Letters15, 6400, (2015) doi: 10.1021/acs.Nanolett.5b01590
  19. Van der Waals p-n Junction Based on an Organic-Inorganic Heterostructure
    F. Liu, W. L. Chow, X. He, P. Hu,S. Zheng, X. Wang, J. Zhou, Q. Fu, W. Fu, P. Yu, Q. Zeng, H. J. Fan, B. K. Tay ,C. Kloc, Z. Liu
    Advanced Functional Materials25, 5865, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adfm.201502316
  20. Ultrafast Electron and Hole Relaxation Pathways in Few-Layer MoS2
    Z. Nie, R. Long, J. S. Teguh, C.-C. Huang, D. W. Hewak, E. K. L. Yeow, Z. X. Shen, O. V. Prezhdo, Z.-H. Loh
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  21. Multispectral terahertz sensing with highly flexible ultrathin metamaterial absorber
    R. Yahiaoui, S. Tan, L. Cong, R. Singh, F. Yan, W. Zhang
    Journal of Applied Physics118, 83103, (2015) doi: 10.1063/1.4929449
  22. A Switchable Mid-Infrared Plasmonic Perfect Absorber with Multispectral Thermal Imaging Capability
    A. Tittl, A.-K. U. Michel, M. Schaeferling, X. Yin, B. Gholipour, L. Cui, M. Wuttig, T. Taubner, F. Neubrech, H. Giessen
    Advanced Materials27, 4597, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adma.201502023
  23. Caustic graphene plasmons with Kelvin angle
    X. Shi, X. Lin, F. Gao, H. Xu, Z. Yang, B. Zhang
    Physical Review B92, 81404, (2015) doi: 10.1103/PhysRevB.92.081404
  24. Manipulating Optical Properties of ZnO/Ga:ZnO Core-Shell Nanorods Via Spatially Tailoring Electronic Bandgap
    X. Zhao, Y. Gao, Y. Wang, H. V. Demir, S. Wang, H. D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 1066, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adom.201500087
  25. Dual control of active graphene-silicon hybrid metamaterial devices
    Q. Li, Z. Tian, X. Zhang, N. Xu, R. Singh, J. Gu, P. Lv, L.-B. Luo, S. Zhang, J. Han, W. Zhang
    CARBON90, 146, (2015) doi: 10.1016/j.carbon.2015.04.015
  26. Experimental demonstration of high-order magnetic localized spoof surface plasmons
    Z. Gao, F. Gao, Y. Zhang, X. Shi, Z. Yang, B. Zhang
    Applied Physics Letters107, 41118, (2015) doi: 10.1063/1.4927658
  27. Resonance tuning due to Coulomb interaction in strong near-field coupled metaMaterials
    D. R. Chowdhury, N.Xu, W. Zhang, R. Singh
    Journal of Applied Physics118, 23104, (2015) doi: 10.1063/1.4926758
  28. Dynamic mode coupling in terahertz metaMaterials
    X. Su, C. Ouyang, N. Xu, S. Tan, J. Gu, Z. Tian, R. Singh, S. Zhang, F. Yan, J. Han, W. Zhang
    Scientific Reports5, 10823, (2015) doi: 10.1038/srep10823
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    Materials Research Express2, 65009, (2015) doi: 10.1088/2053-1591/2/6/065009
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    X. Zhang, N. Xu, K. Qu, Z.Tian, R. Singh, J. Han, G. S. Agarwal, W. Zhang
    Scientific Reports5, 10737, (2015) doi: 10.1038/srep10737
  31. Mode-matching metasurfaces: coherent reconstruction and multiplexing of surface waves
    J. Lin, Q. Wang, G. Yuan, L. Du, S. S. Kou, X.-C. Yuan
    Scientific Reports5, 10529, (2015) doi: 10.1038/srep10529
  32. Stable and Low-Threshold Optical Gain in CdSe/CdS Quantum Dots: An All-Colloidal Frequency Up-Converted Laser
    B. Guzelturk, Y. Kelestemur, K. Gungor, A. Yeltik, M. Z. Akgul, Y. Wang, R. Chen, C. Dang, H. D. Sun, H. V. Demir
    Advanced Materials27, 2741, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adma.201500418
  33. Active graphene-silicon hybrid diode for terahertz waves
    Q. Li, Z. Tian, X. Zhang, R. Singh, L. Du, J. Gu, J. Han, W. Zhang
    Nature Communications6, 7082, (2015) doi: 10.1038/ncomms8082
  34. Quaternary Alloy Quantum Dots: Toward Low-Threshold Stimulated Emission and All-Solution-Processed Lasers in the Green Region
    Y. Wang, S. Yang, H. Yang, H. D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 652, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adom.201400528
  35. Hybrid III-V/silicon Laser with laterally coupled Bragg grating
    Y.-L Cao, X.-N. Hu, X. S. Luo, J.-F. Song, Y. Cheng, C.M. Li, C.-Y. Liu, H. Wang, T.Y. Liow G.Q. Lo, Q. J. Wang
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    Y. L. Cao, X. N. Hu, Y. B. Cheng, H. Wang, Q. J. Wang
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  37. Dielectric MetaMaterials with Toroidal Dipolar Response
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    S. Han, R. Singh, L. Cong, H. Yang
    Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics48, 35104, (2015) doi: 10.1088/0022-3727/48/3/035104
  40. Blue Liquid Lasers from Solution of CdZnS/ZnS Ternary Alloy Quantum Dots with Quasi-Continuous Pumping
    Y. Wang, K. S. Leck, T. Van Duong, R. Chen, V. Nalla, Y. Gao, T. He, H. V. Demir, H. D. Sun
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  42. Obtaining optical properties on demand
    N. I. Zheludev
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  43. Fano Resonances in Terahertz Metasurfaces: A Figure of Merit Optimization
    L. Cong, M. Manjappa, N. Xu, I. Al-Naib, W. Zhang and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials3, 1537, (2015) doi:10.1002/adom.201500207
  44. Facile synthesis of a furan-arylamine hole transporting material for high efficiency mesoscopic perovskite solar cells
    A. Krishna, D. Sabba, J. Yin, A. Bruno, P.P. Boix, Y. Gao, H.A. Dewi, G.G. Gurzadyan, C. Soci, S.G. Mhaisalkar, A.C. Grimsdale
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    X.Y. Chin, D. Cortecchia, J. Yin, A. Bruno, C. Soci
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  48. Dichroic spin-valley photocurrent in monolayer molybdenum disulphide
    M. Eginligil, B.C. Cao, Z. Wang, X. Shen, C. Cong, J. Shang, C. Soci, T. Yu
    Nature Communications6, 7636, (2015) doi:10.1038/ncomms8636
  49. Wavevector selective metasurfaces and tunnel vision filters
    V. A. Fedotov, J. Wallauer, M. Walther, M. Perino, N. Papasimakis, N. I. Zheludev
    Light: Science & Applications4, E306, (2015) doi:10.1038/lsa.2015.79
  50. Significantly different mechanical properties and interfacial structures of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) films prepared from metallic and sulfur-contained precursors
    X. S. Yin, T. J. Huang, C. H. Tang, M. Du, L. F. Sun, Z. X. Shen, H. Gong
    Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells134, 389, (2015) doi:10.1016/j.solmat.2014.12.033
  51. Bandgap-Opened Bilayer Graphene Approached by Asymmetrical Intercalation of Trilayer Graphene
    D. Zhan, J. X. Yan, Z. H. Ni, L. Sun, L. F. Lai, L. Liu, X. Y. Liu, Z. X. Shen
    Small11, 1177, (2015) doi: 10.1002/smll.201402728
  52. Photocurrent generation in lateral graphene p-n junction created by electron-beam irradiation
    X. C. Yu, Y. Shen, T. Liu and Q. J. Wang
    Scientific Reports5, 12014, (2015) doi:10.1038/srep12014
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  55. Chiral mirrors
    E. Plum and N. I. Zheludev
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  56. Electrically controlled nanostructured metasurface loaded with liquid crystal: toward multifunctional photonic switch
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  58. Advance and Prospective of Whispering Gallery Mode Microcavities
    S. Yang, Y. Wang and H. D. Sun
    Advanced Optical Materials, (2015) Accepted-
  59. Three Photon-Excited Luminescence from Unsymmetrical Cyanostilbene Aggregates: Morphology Tuning and Targeted Bioimaging
    A. K. Mandal, S. Sreejith, T. He, S. K. Maji, X.-J. Wang, S. L. Ong, J. J., H. D. Sun, and Y. Zhao
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    C. Couteau, A. Larrue, C. Wilhelm, C. Soci
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  63. Phase-preserved macroscopic visible-light carpet cloaking beyond two dimensions
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    F. Gao, Z. Gao, Y. Zhang, X. Shi, Z. Yang, and B. Zhang
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    J. Zhang, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Optics Letters39, 4883, (2015) doi: 10.1364/OL.39.004883
  73. Upconversion Nanoparticles as a Contrast Agent for Photoacoustic Imaging in Live Mice
    S. K. Maji, S. Sreejith, J. J., M. Lin, T. He, Y. Tong, H. D. Sun, S. W.-K. Yu and Y. Zhao
    Advanced Materials26, 5633, (2015) doi:10.1002/adma.201400831
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    L. Cong, N. Xu, W. Zhang, and R. Singh
    Advanced Optical Materials, (2015) doi: 10.1002/adom.201500100 - pdf
  75. Tailoring the slow light behavior in terahertz metasurfaces
    M. Manjappa, S. Chiam, L. Cong, A. A. Bettiol, W. Zhang, and R. Singh
    Applied Physics Letters106, 181101 (2015) doi: 10.1063/1.4919531 - pdf
  76. Polymer Distributed Bragg Reflectors for Vapor Sensing
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    Physical Review Letters114, 114301 (2015) doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.114.114301

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Research Papers (2014)

  1. Broadband saturable absorption of graphene oxide thin film and its application in pulsed fiber lasers
    X. Li, Y. Tang, Z. Yan, Y. Wang, B. Meng, G. Liang, H. D. Sun, X. Yu, Y. Zhang, Q. J. Wang
    IEEE J. Sel. Top. Quantum Electron20, 1101107, (2014)
  2. Planar super-oscillatory lens for sub-diffraction circular polarization optical needles at violet wavelengths
    G. H. Yuan, E. T. F. Rogers, T. Roy, G. Adamo, Z. X. Shen, and N. I. Zheludev
    Scientific Reports4, 6333, (2014)
  3. Erbium-doped fiber laser with distributed Rayleigh output mirror
    L. L. Wang, X. Y. Dong, P. P. Shum, C. Q. Huang, and H. B. Su
    Laser Phys.24, (2014) doi: 10.1088/1054-660X/24/11/115101 -
  4. Self-Assembly of Honeycomb-like MoS2 Nanoarchitectures Anchored into Graphene Foam for Enhanced Lithium-Ion Storage
    J. Wang, J. L. Liu, D. L. Chao, J. X. Yan, J. Y. Lin, and Z. X. Shen
    Adv. Mater.26, 7162 (2014) doi: 10.1002/adma.201402728 -
  5. Track-and-Tune Light Field Image Sensor
    V. Varghese, X. Y. Qian, S. S. Chen, Z. X. Shen, T. Jin, G. Z. Liang, and Q. J. Wang
    Ieee Sens J14, 4372 (2014) doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2014.2335061 -
  6. Multipolar Fano Resonances and Fano-Assisted Optical Activity in Silver Nanorice Heterodimers
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    Acs Photonics1, 1156 (2014) doi: 10.1021/ph5002457 - pdf
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    H. Qi, J. Wolfe, D. P. Wang, H. J. Fan, D. Fichou, and Z. Chen
    Nanoscale6, 13457(2014) doi: 10.1039/c4nr03982c -
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    R. Singh and N. Zheludev
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    Opt. Express22, 25931 (2014) doi: 10.1364/oe.22.025931 -
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    B. Guzelturk, Y. Kelestemur, M. Z. Akgul, V. K. Sharma, and H. V. Demir
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    T. Roy, E. T. F. Rogers, G. Yuan, and N. I. Zheludev
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  54. A V2O5/conductive polymer core/shell nanobelt array on thre-dimensional graphite foam: A high-rate, ultrastable, and freestanding cathode for lithium-ion batteries D. L. Chao, X. H. Xia, J. L. Liu, Z. X. Fan, Chin Fan Ng, J. Y. Lin, H. Zhang, Z. Shen, and H. Fan
    Advanced Materials do i:10.1002/adma.201400719 - pdf
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    Q. Wang, S. Wei, G. Yuan, and X. Yuan
    Journal of Molecular and Engineering Materials 2 2 1440010(2014) doi: 10.1142/S2251237314400103 - pdf
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    J-K. So, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
    Applied Physics Letters 104 201101(2014) doi: 10.1063/1.4876395 pdf
  57. Novel hole transporting materials based on triptycene core for high efficiency mesoscopic perovskite solar cells
    A. Krishna, H. Li, S. Dharani, Y. Jun, P.P. Boix, C. Soci, S. Mhaisalkar, and A.C. Grimsdale
    Chemical Science 5 2702(2014) doi: 10.1039/C4SC00814F
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    F. Yan, R. Chen, H. Sun, and X. W. Sun
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    Applied Physics Letters 104 141102(2014) doi: 10.1063/1.4870635 - pdf
  63. Nonlinear optics: Asymmetry from symmetry
    Y. Chong
    Nature Physics 10 336-337(2014) doi:10.1038/nphys2941 - link
  64. Hollow nickel nanocorn arrays as three-dimensional and conductive support for metal oxides to boost supercapacitive performance
    D. L. Chao, X. H. Xia, C. R. Zhu, J. Wang, J. L. Liu, J. Y. Lin, Z. Shen, and H. Fan
    Nanoscale 6 5691-5697(2014) doi:10.1039/C4NR01119H - pdf
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    X. Dai, S. Zhang, Z. Wang, G. Adamo, H. Liu, Y.Z. Huang, C. Couteau, C. Soci
    Nanoletters 14 2688(2014) doi:10.1021/nl5006004 - pdf
  66. 1.7 Gbit/inch2 gray-scale continuous-phase-change femtosecond image storage
    Q. Wang, J. Maddock, E. T. F. Rogers, T. Roy, C. Craig, K. F. Macdonald, D. W. Hewak and N. I. Zheludev 
    Applied Physics Letters 104 121105(2014) doi: 10.1063/1.4869575 - pdf
  67. Influence of H-bonding on self-assembly and tunable dual-emission of carbazole-based Zn(II)-Terpyridine metallocycles
    Y. Gao, T. He, P. Hu, T. M. Koh, H. Sun, and A. C. Grimsdale
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    J. C. Pillay, Y. Natsume, A. D. Stone, and Y. D. Chong
    Physical Review A 89 033840(2014) doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.89.033840 - pdf
  69. Nanosecond colloidal quantum dot lasers for sensing
    B. Guilhabert, C. Foucher, A-M. Haughey, E. Mutlugun, Y. Gao, J. Herrnsdorf, H.D. Sun, H.V. Demir, M.D. Dawson, and N. Laurand 
    Optics Express 22(6) 7308-7319(2014) doi:10.1364/OE.22.007308 - pdf
  70. Ambipolar charge photogeneration and transfer at GaAs/P3HT heterointerfaces
    M. Panahandeh-Fard, J. Yin, M. Kurniawan, Z. Wang, G. Leung, T.C. Sum, C. Soci
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 5 1144(2014) doi:10.1021/jz500332z - pdf
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    Z. Song, and B. Zhang
    Optics Express 22 6519-6525(2014) doi:10.1364/OE.22.006519 - pdf
  72. Flat super-oscillatory lens for heat-assisted magnetic recording with sub-50nm resolution
    G. H. Yuan, E. T. F. Rogers, T. Roy, Z. X. Shen, and N. I. Zheludev
    Optics Express 22(6) 6428-6437(2014) doi:10.1364/OE.22.006428

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Research Papers (2013)

  1. Multi-photon absorption and third-order nonlinearity in silicon at mid-infrared wavelengths
    T. Wang, V. Nalla, J. Gosciniak, Y. Cui, G. Qian, W. Ji, and D. T. H. Tan
    Optics Express 21(26) 32192-32198(2013) doi:10.1364/OE.21.032192
  2. Breaking of PJ symmetry in bounded and unbounded scattering systems
    P. Ambichl, K. G. Makris, L. Ge, Y. D. Chong, A. D. Stone, and S. Rotter
    Physical Review X 3 041030(2013) doi: 10.1103/physrevlett.112.068103
  3. Low divergence single-mode surface-emitting concentric-circular-grating terahertz quantum cascade lasers
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    Optics Express 21(26) 31872-31882(2013) doi: 10.1364/OE.21.031872
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    Y. L. Tang, X. H. Li, and Q. J. Wang
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  5. Coherent perfect absorption and reflection in slow-light waveguides
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  8. Synthesis of free-standing metal sulfide nanoarrays via anion exchange reaction and their electrochemical energy storage application
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  10. Three-dimensional graphene foam supported Fe3O4 lithium battery anodes with long cycle life and high rate capability
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  14. The influence of imperfections and absorption on the performance of high contrast grating monolithically integrated with 980nm GaAs-based VCSELs
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    J. Zhang, K. F. MacDonald, and N. I. Zheludev
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  22. Ray-optics cloaking devices for large objects in incoherent natural light
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Research Papers (2012)

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