Current CDPT projects 
Project A
“Reconfigurable, dynamic and
quantum metamaterials”
  • Quantum Atomic Metamaterials
    Jointly with Center for Quantum Technologies
  • Transformation Optics and Electromagnetic Energy Management
  • Quantum Optics and Switching in Plasmonic Metamaterials
    Jointly with CINTRA, Singapore
  • Topological Insulator Metamaterials
Project B
“Reconfigurable micro/nano-fibers and
cognitive photonic systems”
  • Cognitive Reconfigurable Photonics Networks
  • Coherent Femtosecond Data Processing with Metamaterials
  • Topological Phenomena in Photonic Networks
  • Fiber Nano-Spaser
Project C
“Nanolasers, spasers and nano-meta-materials
for electromagnetic technologies”
  • Nanoparticle Light Sources
  • Nanoplasmonic Luminescence and Light Localization
  • Two-dimensional Infrared Nanophotonic Materials

    and Devices
  • Nanophotonic Nanostructures and Reconfigurable