Postal Address

Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
SPMS-PAP-01-28 and SPMS-PAP-02-12
21 Nanyang Link
Singapore 637371

Email Address

Prof. Nikolay Zheludev, Director

Prof. Shen Zexiang, Co-Director

Asst. Prof. Cesare Soci, Deputy Director


Telephones: Offices

G. Adamo
+65 6908 3461

S. Varier and E. A. Chan
+65 6592 3566

G. H. Yuan, S. Abdullah, V. Nalla, K. V. Sreekanth and A. Vetlugin
+65 6592 3568

A. Dubrovkin, H. N. S. Krishnamoorthy, J. So, R. Guo and P. Pitchappa
+65 6908 3459

S. Zheng, Y. Srivastava, B. Qiang, M. Manjappa, W. Z. Lim, A. Kumar, Q. Cheng, S. Han, M. Gupta, C. T. Thomas and M. R. Vazquez
+65 6908 3456

Telephones: Laboratories

Quantum Nanophotonics Laboratories 
R. Guo, S. Abdullah and E. A. Chan
+65 6592 3567

Ultrafast Laser Laboratory 
V. Nalla, and W. Zeng
+65 6592 3569

Nearfield Laboratory 
A. Dubrovkin, G. H. Yuan and B. Qiang
+65 6592 3570

Infrared Nanophotonics Laboratory 
H. N. S. Krishnamoorthy
+65 6908 3462

Nanofabrication Laboratory 
J. So
+65 6592 3571

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